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Help Paying Utility Bills in Detroit, Michigan

Welcome to our Detroit utility assistance page. We provide listings for low income families who need help paying their electric bills.
EnergyAssistance.us provides programs sponsored by local governments as well as non-profit organizations designed to assist low-income individuals and families with utility bills.
There are federal funds destined to subsidize electric and heating bills in Detroit, Michigan.

If you have trouble paying your home energy bill, there are government and non-profit programs that can help. Federal programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists low income households in meeting their immediate home energy needs. Additionally, many state programs provide residents with heating and electrical bills. Some programs provide budget billing so that monthly bills don't exceed a certain amount while other programs provide assistance with usage reduction.

Top Utility Assistance Programs

Wayne County DHS Office SER LIHEAP

3040 W Grand Blvd - Suite 5-650, Cadillac Place
Detroit, MI - 48202
(313) 456-1000

Wayne County District 15 GreydaleGrand River DHS Office SER LIHEAP

17330 Greydale
Detroit, MI - 48219
(313) 387-7100

Wayne County District 17 GreenfieldJoy DHS Office SER LIHEAP

8655 Greenfield
Detroit, MI - 48228
(313) 943-5200

Wayne County District 82 The Adult Medical Services DHS Office SER LIHEAP

3040 W. Grand Blvd 4-250
Detroit, MI - 48202
(313) 664-6900

Wayne County District 49 Grand RiverWarren DHS Office SER LIHEAP

5131 Grand River
Detroit, MI - 48208
(313) 361-7300

Wayne County District 41 Fort Wayne DHS Office SER LIHEAP

6534 W. Jefferson
Detroit, MI - 48209
(313) 554-8300

Wayne County District 57 Conner Service Center DHS Office SER LIHEAP

4733 Conner
Detroit, MI - 48215
(313) 926-8600

Wayne County District 76 GratiotSeven Mile DHS Office SER LIHEAP

14061 Lappin
Detroit, MI - 48205
(313) 372-6200

Wayne County District 45 OakmanGrand River DHS Office SER LIHEAP

4505 Oakman Blvd.
Detroit, MI - 48204
(313) 934-4400

Wayne County District 27 South Central CFS DHS Office SER LIHEAP

1801 E. Canfield
Detroit, MI - 48207
(313) 578-5500

Wayne County District 31 Grandmont Service Center DHS Office SER LIHEAP

17455 Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI - 48227