Idaho Caldwell Treasure Valley Community Resource Center - TVCRC

Treasure Valley Community Resource Center - TVCRC

2412 E. Chicago, #110
Caldwell, ID - 83605
(208) 459-9263


About Treasure Valley Community Resource Center - TVCRC

The Treasure Valley Community Resource Center, Inc, (TVCRC) provides comprehensive referrals to anyone free of charge. The referrals mainly cover services, programs and resources in the Treasure Valley area (Ada, Adams, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette and Washington Counties). TVCRC provides comprehensive referrals to: human services such as housing, food banks, utilities, financial assistance, education, employment, support groups, health services, legal and advocacy services, senior programs, transportation, veterans services, recreation, volunteers programs, outreach and community programs and special projects. TVCRC is a telephone contact program only. TVCRC is a non-profit, all-volunteer referral service. Its volunteers go the extra mile to help their clients. They screen clients for referrals for financial assistance available through other programs. TVCRC provides referrals to human services attempting to help clients with immediate and long term problems. TVCRC also publishes an annual Treasure valley Referral Directory listing services and programs that are free or on a sliding scale based on income. TVCRC sponsors the Community Resource Meetings.Web site includes online referrals. TVCRC sponsors the Resource Meetings.TVCRC also maintains an information web site - on line directory


8:00 am to 5:00 pm MON - FRI


Free services.


They will assist

Services Provided

Community Resources; Energy Assistance; Financial Assist.; Food Banks - Meals; Heat Bill Assistance; Housing; Info & Referral -Comprehensive; Support Groups; Utility Assistance; Volunteer Opportunitie


Anonymous - Jan 23, 2020

Need emergency assistance.

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